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Chicken Leg and Wing Rack - CHRK

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The Chicken Leg and Wing Rack from Camp Chef is the perfect accessory for cooking chicken wings on your favorite grill or smoker. Made of durable nickel-plated steel, the rack can handle up to a dozen chicken wings or legs. Make more of what you love with the Chicken Leg and Wing Rack.

Camp Chef Chicken Leg & Wing Rack

All you need for delicious chicken wings off the pellet grill or smoker is the Chicken Leg and Wing Rack. It can hold up to 12 chicken legs or wings—perfect for an appetizer or snack. The durable nickel-plated steel will last you a long time, and cleaning it is easy. Make sure you’re ready for the big game with the Leg and Wing Rack this weekend.


Holds up to 12 chicken wings or legs.

Durable nickel-plated steel.

Side handles for easy lifting.