LEDLENSER - H4R.2 Headlamp, 20-250 Lumens - Fantastic Field of Vision - LL 880475

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Ledlenser H4R.2

Safety first.

The H4R.2 is the rechargeable version of H4. It also focuses on perfect illumination. It thus lights almost the entire human field of view and provides spatial and peripheral vision. It's ideal for anyone who is looking ahead, but also wants to keep an eye on their surroundings - e.g. electricians, mechanics, or on night time walks. To ensure that you are never suddenly left in the dark, the H4R flashes to let you know the rechargeable battery is low and then switches to back-up mode.


  • H4.2 headlamp
  • 1 battery pack - 1 x Li-Ion Polymer 3.7V
  • USB cable