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SportDOG DSL-400 Beeper - DSL-400

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Know when your dog is pointing birds, even when you can't see it. The sportDOG DSL-400 beeper locator is the smallest and lightest beeper on the market.

The DSL-400 add-on deluxe beeper gives you maximum flexibility with a high and low volume option, 3 settings for beep duration, and 4 different tones. The DSL-400 beeper uses a 3-volt lithium battery that provides 60-100 hours of on-time. This "run mode" beeper doesn't require a remote to use - just slip it on your dog and set it to silent, 5-second, or 10-second beep.

  • 4 tone/beep options
  • 3 beep duration settings
  • Audible up to 400 yards
  • 60-100 hours of "on-time"
  • 3-volt Lithium battery