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Blue Dog Marine

Submersible Trailer Light Kit

Submersible Trailer Light Kit

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If you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-install trailer light kit for your boat trailer, the Blue Dog Marine Submersible Trailer Light Kit is the perfect choice for you. This kit comes complete with everything you need to replace your entire trailer light system, including two submersible trailer lights (one for the right and one for the left), a license plate bracket, six frame wire clips, a 25' trailer Y wire harness, and a 4' trunk wire connector.

These multi-functional trailer lights feature turn, stop, and tail light functions, as well as license plate illumination, ensuring that you're visible and compliant with DOT regulations. The submersible design of the lights also makes them ideal for use in wet conditions, as they're fully waterproof and able to withstand harsh marine environments.

Installation of this trailer light kit is quick and easy, with all necessary hardware and wiring included. The 25' trailer Y wire harness allows for plenty of flexibility in installation, so you can easily customize the system to fit your trailer's specific needs.

So whether you're a professional boater or just enjoy spending time on the water, the Blue Dog Marine Submersible Trailer Light Kit is an essential component of your trailer setup. With its reliable performance, easy installation, and DOT-approved design, you can enjoy peace of mind and safety on the road and on the water.

Product Features:

  • 1 Right and 1 Left submersible trailer light
  • 1 License plate bracket
  • 6 Frame wire clips
  • A 25' trailer Y wire harness
  • A 4' trunk wire connector

Product Specifications:

Parcel Dimensions
Reference (SKU) FSM59300
UPC 763562593006
Brand BD Marine
Item Weight LB
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