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Camp Chef TKYCB Infusion Turkey/Chicken Roaster with Brine - TKYCB

Camp Chef TKYCB Infusion Turkey/Chicken Roaster with Brine - TKYCB

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When you think of Thanksgiving, you probably imagine your family sitting down to a perfectly put-together feast of turkey, cranberry sauce, rolls, and more. What you don’t picture are the hours of stress, pressure, and guesswork that go into cooking a huge bird for the holiday. Now, thanks to our Turkey Cannon, you can skip all that and get straight to the part you imagined at first: sitting down to eat.

The roasting cylinder infuses your poultry with the moisture and flavor of your favorite beverage or cooking liquid and cuts the cooking time to a fraction of what it would normally be. Roast a 12-lb. turkey in less than two hours! You read that right. Buy one for your kitchen today.


Cooks poultry in half the time of a conventional oven.

Infuses moisture and flavor.

Durable stainless steel for easy care and cleaning.

Works great with chickens as small as 4 lbs and turkeys as large as 20 lbs.

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