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LEDLENSER - iSEO3 LED Headlamp, 5 - 100 Lumen Black and Yellow - LL 880389

LEDLENSER - iSEO3 LED Headlamp, 5 - 100 Lumen Black and Yellow - LL 880389

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The headlamp designed for professionals.

Ledlenser is happy to introduce their new iSEO3 LED Headlamp. The "i" in iSEO3 stands for industry and the iSEO3 was designed specifically with industrial users in mind. Running on 3 x AAA Alkaline batteries this industrial headlamp shines up to 100 meters away and can produce a maximum 100 Lumen output. Extremely water resistant the LED headlamp has an IPX6 rating and will not be damaged if it comes into contact with water. The Ledlenser iSEO3 LED headlamp also features the Advanced Focus System that lets you turn the ring, on the face of the light, to control the beam output. If you are in a dark warehouse and you need to read your clip board, then twist your light to create a wide flood beam that is less strenuous on your eyes. However, if you need to read a box number on the top shelf, then twist your headlamp to create a narrow direct beam of light that allows for better distance vision.

Additionally, the Ledlenser iSEO3 comes with a red light output. The red LED will provide excellent night vision without excessively straining your eyes. The 60° swivel head allows you to adjust the light beam to where ever you need it! Weighing a minimal 3.7 ounces and featuring an adjustable headstrap your neck will not tire after prolonged use.


  • iSEO3 LED headlamp
  • Neoprene pouch with belt loop
  • Carabiner
  • 2 helmet clips
  • Washable headband
  • 3 x AAA batteries
  • Manual
  • Warranty
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