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Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid - RCR1014

Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid - RCR1014

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The new Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid is the perfect combination of a dependable fixed blade delivering a guaranteed 7/8" cut and a pair of mechanical blades creating a devastating 2+" wound channel. This combination creates unmatched blood loss and a short walk to your animal.

Voted one of the Best Broadheads in 2020 by Hunting Retailer Magazine!

  • Concave air foil scoop for lethal accuracy and penetration
  • Single bevel fixed blade delivers 7/8” initial cut diameter
  • Mechanical blades deploy to 2+” cut diameter on impact
  • 0-Ring system guarantees blades remain secure until impact
  • 100 Grain, 3 Pack

Ramcat Diamondback Hybrid Broadheads 100 Grain | 3 Pack | Mechanical Blades, Cross Bow Arrow Heads & Compound Bow Hunting Accessories, Stainless Steel, Concave Scoop Technology

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