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Ramcat Cage Ripper Mechanical Broadheads - RCR1012

Ramcat Cage Ripper Mechanical Broadheads - RCR1012

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Introducing the deepest penetrating phases lead to complete devastation. The all-new cage Ripper from Ram cat broad heads is a head where the name says it all. In flight, The quiet and precise blades feature oil resistant rings to remain Stealth in flight. At the point of impact, The piston-driven deployment system features a spring mechanism to deploy blades at precisely the right time. Lastly, our full deployment feature is with our posi-lock plunger system that locks blades open to maximum cutting diameter upon impact. A true Mechanical that is built to perform. 100 grain, 3-pack piston-driven Mechanical system: piston-driven deployment system features spring mechanism deploying blades upon impact. Quiet flight: quiet and precise blades featuring oil-resistant rings Made out of Viton devastating results: 2 cutting diameter. Penetration accuracy: Patented Concave-Scoop technology for accuracy and devastating penetration. Bullet-proof design: Crafted out of hardened stainless steel. Maximum cut: spring loaded plunger system s your blades will remain deployed to maximum cutting diameter upon impact.


Ramcat Cage Ripper Mechanical Broadheads 100 Grain | 3 Pack | Front Sharpened Blades, Cross Bow Arrow Heads, Archery Broadheads, Bow Hunting Accessories, 0.032”, Silver - RCR1012

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